Educational work.

We aim to teach ecology and basic biology by engaging children physically in a way that they find it easy to relate to… From plant identification and edible food lessons, to fungi forays with an introduction to microscopic identification tequniques, we aim to make education fun and interactive and re-discover a connection to nature and the outdoors… Educating as our ancestors did! We focus on learning skills that have practical applications and increase feelings of independence and capability, as well as teaching in a way that encourages effective learning, particularly for those that find the classroom challenging.

Community projects and other non-profit work.

We feel that a renewed connection with our environment through the sort of educational, fun and interactive outdoors education we offer will benefit everyone… And that everyone should be able to access it! To this end, we offer free (or at cost where we incur one) day courses or weekend residential courses to those that we feel may benefit the  most, and would otherwise be unable to afford these activities. Please get in touch if you think your project or organisation is one of these, and we’ll discuss creating an experience that is perfect for your particular group.